Can you make a map for me?

AWC Digital Exploration Services uses ESRI based software to build and produce maps. Our company will work with your exploration project’s data, integrate it for GIS, and produce a final product to your satisfaction.

This year our company collected so many geochemical samples from our project. We would like to see the location of these samples and their assay results on a map. Can you do that?

AWC Digital Exploration Services can process and organize your project’s geochemical spatial data and integrate it for GIS. We can produce maps showing the location and assay results of your project’s sampling program. In addition, we can add geological and geophysical data for your exploration staff to analyze.  

Our company just acquired some mineral properties with a disorganized data set and there is plenty of historical information too. Can you help organize this data and produce maps showing what previous exploration was done?

AWC Digital Exploration Services can compile and organize your exploration program’s data sets combining current and historic data. We will setup a database that fits your project’s requirements and integrate it for GIS.

A geologist did some interpretive geology for our mineral property but all his/her work was hand drawn. Are you able to digitize this hand drawn map so we can combine the geologist’s work with our other project data such as geochemical data?

AWC Digital Exploration Services can digitize data from paper sources and integrate such data into your exploration program’s data and use GIS to visually show the digitized data with other geological, geochemical, or other project datasets.

Our company is planning on doing a drill program. Can you help us manage the drill data?

AWC Digital Exploration Services can do a number of services in order to keep your drill data organized and provide real time data as the drill program progresses so you can make the right decisions.

Our geologists want to see drill cross sections of our drill holes with data such as gold results and geology. Can you produce these sections?

AWC Digital Exploration Services can use your drill data and integrate it with Geosoft based 3D geological modelling and interpretation software to produce drill sections, strip logs, and 3D views showing the results of your drill program.

Our project has a lot of disorganized QA/QC data and our Joint Venture partner wants to review the data. Can you help us?

AWC Digital Exploration Services can help organize an exploration programs QA/QC data into formats that are easy to share and analyze. In addition, our company can help setup QA/QC programs for exploration project’s, review control performance in real time, and manage your project’s QA/QC data. 

Our company did work on our mineral claims this year. What do I need to do to keep these claims in good standing?

AWC Digital Exploration Services can help with the process of keeping your claims in good standing and filing any required paper work or information to the government.  

Our company got a letter from the Government saying that if I do not submit a report or correct a report, they will cancel my claims. Can you help?

AWC Digital Exploration Services can help with government requirements in order to keep your claims in good standing. 

Our company needs a permit to do exploration work next year. Can you help?

AWC Digital Exploration Services can provide assistance in obtaining permits with regards to filing out government paper work, submitting the correct information, and providing maps and spatial data.

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