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Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Mineral exploration is the process of collecting different types of multiple spatial data sets such as geological data, geochemical data, geophysical data, imagery, topography and other types of spatial data.  Geographical Information Systems (GIS) integrates and combines these different spatial data sets and produces visual representations like maps and models allowing the exploration crew to display and analyze all of the exploration project’s spatial data sets together.

AWC Digital Exploration Services has over a decade’s worth of GIS experience in the mineral exploration industry and understands an exploration companies needs when it comes to GIS. Our company uses the latest ESRI based GIS software to create maps that will simplify complex geochemical patterns, gain better geological insight, add vital context to a project, and creates exploration ideas.  


Data Management Systems and Solutions

Spatial data is the product of all mineral exploration activities and indicates an exploration project’s performance and success.  Properly managed exploration data improves data integration for GIS, maintains data integrity, provides data security, and allows for easier data sharing.  

AWC Digital Exploration Services understands the importance of an exploration project’s data and it is our number one focus. AWC Digital Exploration Services can develop file structures and databases for any exploration project, can collect and validate data in real time during exploration activities, and secure a project’s data so that is safe, yet easily accessible at anytime.


Drilling Data Management and GIS Services

Mineral exploration drilling is the most important, yet the most expensive, of all mineral exploration activities. Drill programs produce one of the most comprehensive spatial data sets where quality is paramount thus requiring management of the drill dataProper drill data management streamlines GIS integration that provides geologists and exploration crews visual representations, such as drill plans, sections, and 3D models, of the drill program results.

AWC Digital Exploration Services understands the comprehensiveness of an exploration project’s drill data having over a decade’s of experience working on mineral exploration drill programs. Our company uses the latest Geosoft based 3D geological modelling and interpretation software to maintain an exploration project’s drill data, creating surface and subsurface drill maps, models, and sections

Government Regulation and Obligation

Governments at all levels are highly invested in the mining and mineral exploration industry.  Governments enforce fair industry practices, protect the environment, and ensure safe working conditions. 

AWC Digital Exploration Services can help mineral exploration companies navigate government requirements, assist with permitting, provide government’s with visual aides and spatial data, and complete reporting requirements.


Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QA/QC)

Quality Control and Assurance (QA/QC) in mineral exploration is important as it validates an exploration project’s results, demonstrates proper sample preparation, and indicates to shareholders, business partners, and potential buyers that the exploration project’s results are genuine.  

AWC Digital Exploration Services can develop and implement cost-effective QA/QC programs for any exploration project, provide real time performance data on QA/QC controls, and can manage QA/QC data to ensure easy access by company management, shareholders, business partners, and potential buyers.  

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